It’s been a long time coming…

Can you hear the the old RnB track playing in the background? You know the one. Sung by Sam Cooke with that weary yet determined melody. Anyway, Print Menagerie is finally here, officially. Well the website is and now the marketing and finding venues can begin in earnest. It’s taken five years to the month to get this idea on it’s legs. It’s a bit wobbly like an improperly locked up forme* but as any printmaker will tell you the simplest jobs take the longest time and give you the most satisfaction.

There will be a hard launch (marketing speak for a massive party!) at some point but for now as I will bask in the sun and the glory of having successfully wrestled with logo designs and SSL certificates I am pretty chuffed that Print Menagerie actually exists!

Please wander around the website, join a waiting list, sign up to our Newsletter. Or get in touch if you have an event or commission you think Print Menagerie would be perfect for.

This is Olu the Printmaker/ Illustrator and peddle power behind the bike and Print Menagerie.
Think it. Print it.

*This is when you make your moveable type immovable, but locking up.  Surrounding the type the furniture (wood) and quoins, metal pieces that expand by turning a key. The type, furniture and quoins are encased within a metal frame (chase) None the wiser?! Sign up to a workshop, coming to a venue near you…



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