Peddling Printed Paraphernalia

Print Menagerie emerged from the mind of Illustrator and Printmaker Olu Oke. The idea: to build a cargo bike, fill it with printmaking equipment and take it on the road. This dream was hatched from the sleep-deprived delirium caused by parenthood and an unsuccessful E-bay bid on a mobile-library.

As purveyors of printed paraphernalia we offer unique, print based merchandise and affordable workshops. Powered by a pair of quadriceps and an electric battery we are able to go anywhere within the M25. We can meet any need – be it hen party, boho café evening, team building day or school project. Print Menagerie has something for the creatively curious or tentatively talented.

– Welcome –

Think it.  Print it.


Our books, cards, and prints are all original creations and hand made.  Why not treat yourself, or someone else, to something unique and beautiful?


Our purpose built cargo bike, affectionately known as Black Bess, is named after Dick Turpin’s trusty stead.  Built by Boxer Cycles, she is a beautiful black beast that is as faithful as her highway name-sake.



Workshops and events take place around London. Join a workshop waiting list, or go to our events calendar to find out when and where the latest print experience will be happening.