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Below is the Print Menagerie Workshop Menu!  If you are interested in hiring us for a workshop, press the “Contact us for more information and booking” button and lets start a conversation.  Not happy with one of our pre-designed workshops? No problem, we can create a bespoke programme, just for you…

An Introduction to Letterpress

4 hours/ 4 people / from £60.00 per printer

‘Letterpress? Movable type – what’s that?!’

Turn off your mobile, put away your laptop and unpack our vintage fonts. Choose a word or a phrase from our pre-made box and learn about spacing, leading, furniture, quoins, keys and chases.  We promise you’ll never look at type the same way again.

Whole Day Letterpress

7 hours/ 4 people/ from £140.00 per printer

This is a full day of printing! Your prints will be based on a word or phrase of your choice. You will learn how to set and print type using a variety of wood and metal blocks. By the end of the day you’ll have ink on your nose and a pocket full of handmade letterpress prints.

Plastic & The Press

4 hours/ 4 people/ from £60.00 per printer

Photopolymer is a UV sensitive plastic that has helped re-invent modern letterpress printing. This taster workshop will teach you how to produce and expose an inkjet positive and print on a vintage printing press.

PYO: Print Your Own!

3 hours/ 10 people/ from £40.00 per printer

Our ‘Print Your Own’ workshops combine the gift of giving (to yourself) with printmaking! Using pre-made themed printing blocks and vintage type our PYO letterpress workshops teach you a new skill and help you print personalised greeting cards for any occasion.

An Introduction to lino cutting

4 hours/ 10 people/ from £60.00 per printer

Lino cutting is arguably (but who would have that argument?) the most versatile and portable printmaking technique.  Beautifully intricate and bold images can be produced from simple, inexpensive tools. This workshop will introduce you to the basic skills of drawing, transferring, carving and printing a lino block on a vintage letterpress machine.

Introduction to lino cutting, multiple block printing

7 hours/ 8 people/ from £140.00 per printer

Lino printmaking is the ultimate mobile printing technique.  You are able to produce delicate monochrome and coloured prints using anything from a wooden spoon to a steamroller! During your day you will complete two lino block projects.  A monochrome print of your own creation and a multi-coloured three-block text based design.  You’ll learn how to plan your design, transfer your image to multiple blocks and register your blocks making sure you get perfect prints every time (almost!).  Flex those digits.  You’re going to do a lot of cutting!

An introduction to lino cutting, reduction method

4 hours/ 6 people/ £60.00 per printer

So, you’ve learnt how to carve lino, how to create a multiple block colour print and you’ve mastered registration (oh yeah!).  You’re feeling confident, fearless even, hungry for more…?

Reduction prints are the next step. This method is affectionately known as a suicide print because you cut away at the same lino block, printing different colours between cuts, until nothing is left. In this workshop you will learn how to plan, cut and print a three colour reduction lino. You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well do ya punk?

Printed Note Books or Postage stamps

4 hours/ 8 people/ from £60.00 per printer

Some call it a toy, others an all-in-one-mini-screen-printing-wonder-studio. Whatever, it’s addictive. Gocco is a Japanese table top colour printing system – aka a toy invented in 1977. Discontinued in 2008 Gocco was pronounced dead, but it’s hard to kill a good printing technique! On note books you’ll be taught to craft with your own fair hand, you will draw, expose and print personalised postage stamps or the books cover. This is a perfect workshop for those who like short-term crafting relationships but have long term printing ambitions!

An introduction to bookbinding

4 hours/ 8 People/ from £60.00 per printer

So, you think you know what a book’s made of – a cover, spine and pages.  But what about a signature? Tipping? End papers?

During this fast paced introductory workshop you’ll learn the fundamental skills needed for further adventures in bookbinding.  Including finding the paper grain, folding paper and sewing singlet sections.

Screen printing: Take scalpel and paper to the next level

4 hours/ 6 people/ £60.00 per printer

A seemingly simple art form can produce fine lines and intricate images.  This workshop guides you through designing, cutting and silk screen-printing paper stencils. You’ll learn how to fix mistakes, print more than 1 colour with multiple stencils and give depth to a print by using a limited colour palette of transparent colours.  You’ll be amazed at what can be produced with a piece of humble newsprint and a scalpel.